About The Mommy Hanger

I became a stay at home mom in the fall of 2020, when my first baby was just shy of 6 months old. I had an idea one day that it would be fun to create shirts and sweatshirts, and thus, the mommy hanger was born :). With the help of my ever-supportive husband, I got all the equipment (and confidence boost) I needed to get going. Over 2 years, many upgrades and changes later, I'm able to create things that I love and hope you will love to! The idea behind the mommy hanger is to help you create a wardrobe that's completely functional for everyday wear as a mom. Messy hands, boogers, and who knows what else, gets wiped all over you on the daily. I GET IT! These sweatshirts and t-shirts are durable enough to last through many times through the washing machine while staying cute enough to help you feel confident in your everyday life. Grab any of our other accessories to help amp up your wardrobe, coffee, or keys!